I dreamt that I was holding a tray and standing in a cafeteria line of about six people. There was another line next to us, with about a hundred people. Everything seemed to be going okay, and I thought I was very wise to have chosen the shorter line, when suddenly the cashier for my line just walked away, with no explanation! The six of us waited and waited, but the cashier never returned, and none of us wanted to get into the other line of a hundred or more cafeteria diners.

Eventually I started making noises and getting semi-belligerent. Another cashier showed up, finally, and charged me $40 for my three lunch items. I mentally calculated, however, that they could not cost me more than $15. Trying to be considerate to the people waiting behind me, pushed already to their absolute limit, I paid, and then examined my receipt. None of my lunch items were itemized: there was only a bill for $40!!

I then put my tray away and spoke to a manager, who advised me to write a letter of complaint. I was in the process of composing my thoughts when I awoke, and was left to ponder the meaning of it all.

I told my wife of my dream. She started groaning when I was still waiting in the cafetria line, and the groaning continued straight through to the letter of complaint. Her interpretation was immediate and decisive: she was appalled by the utter banality of my dream. It was, she said, the latest of a series of dreams that did not speak well for my character, where I am faced with trivial challenges, and overcome them in utterly predictable ways. My dreams, she said, suggested a squalid inner life, filled with ordinary preoccupations of the most inane and petty nature.

I’m wondering if there is not a Mormon perspective here that I am missing, and perhaps also my wife. Can anyone help me here? I stand accused …