This was Stake Conference weekend for me, and aside from the plastic seats 3/4ths of the way back in the gym, a good time was had. I am a personal fan of unorthodoxy in relatively unimportant issues, so this was a good conference for me.

Adult Session
Last night I enjoyed not one, not two, but three references to Heavenly Mother. Granted, one was in song, but the Temple President explicitly talked about Her twice. Score.

Sunday Session
A local branch of the Genesis Group was organized. I am an enthusiastic supporter–it will be interesting to see who else will be.

The closing song was sung by a Priesthood Choir IN LATIN. The Stake President (who had orchestrated it) earnestly apologized when he announced it, noting that it was most unusual, and said “I’m really sorry if it rocks your world.”

More of it, I say.