In addition to the upgrade the Young Women’s Personal Progress program received this year, the Young Men’s Duty to God program is apparently being revamped as well. While precious few details are currently available about changes, I did notice this statement included in the FAQ:

Because the purpose of the new program is to help
young men build spiritual strength and learn and fulfill
their priesthood duties, the principal recognition they
receive will be when they are presented in their wards or
branches to advance in the priesthood.

This answer is in response to a question about the recognition that Young Men will receive for their participation in the new program. Both the question and the response seem entirely appropriate and reasonable. Now let’s contrast this with the corresponding section of the Personal Progress roll-out:

With this revision several new items have been added to help
leaders recognize young women more frequently. The new
items include Personal Progress value ribbons, a bookmark
to hold the ribbons, and age-group certificates.

In the Young Women’s FAQ, a full 11 questions and answers are devoted to the various tchotchkes used to recognize the Young Women’s progress, the most prominent of which is the jewelry, including the re-designed pendants, the new torch necklace, and Honor Bee charm.

So, while I am inclined to enthusiastically embrace a non-scouting goal and progress program for our young men, the stark contrast it creates in such un-parallel outcomes is startling. Our sons who devote time and energy to this goal-setting and achieving (and even those who don’t) will be recognized with The Priesthood. Our daughters who do the same will be recognized with…cheap jewelry.

No, expensive jewelry would not make me feel any better.