As some of you know I have been involved in YM’s for about 15 years. Basically since I came home from my mission. I have seen lots of success with the kids I have worked with. Occasionally I have seen kids go inactive as well. I am a big believer in doing what the kids need not what stake leaders or handbooks say.

I have a kid now who comes from a good family and most likely will go inactive in the next 1-3 years. I say this based on experience and the attitude of the YM. He only goes to church and activities because his parents make him. He comes with a huge negative attitude towards everything and anybody.

Last night myself, a bishopric member, and another YM leader took a few minutes to discuss his situation. We all agreed that most likely he would eventually quit coming and go inactive probably when he turned 18 and graduated from HS.

So we came up with the following.

1. We would hope and pray for a miracle were he could feel the spirit and allow himself to change and become converted. Avoiding a inactive period entirely.
2. We would make an effort to make his YM exp as good as possible in the hope that if he does go inactive at some point during his life when big changes come like marriage, children etc he would look back on his YM exp and think I know where I can go and find people that will love me and my family. Current YM lessons would have elements of stories from formerly inactive people who had eventually come back to full activity in the church after a period of inactivity in early adulthood.

I call #2 the “long game” where we play the leadership role out over the next couple of decades and for-see him as an adult trying to make spiritual decisions after a period of inactivity.