There is a local LDS family I know who has “issues” with childrearing. I have often been shocked at what I have seen. When they first moved into our ward I went to help them move. It was about 30 degrees outside and one of their kids was running around outside with just a diaper on turning pink with cold. I grabbed the kid and took him inside and gave him to his mom. Not 5 minutes later he was back outside still in a diaper! I stopped the work crew and informed the father that we would be leaving if he did not get this kid dressed or indoors.

A year or 2 later my wife witnessed the Mom leave an 18 month old unsupervised at a pool to load her van. The 18 month old was soon found by another mom floating face down in a wading pool turning blue. The kids life was saved by another Mom who revived the child.

Yesterday at church I overheard the Dad of this family talk about how one of their kids fell out of a second story window and that CPS had been harrassing them ever since. To be honest I was not surprised. In fact I suspect that other church members have been calling CPS out of concern.

So what is the right thing to do when you know about and witness really dangerous parenting in your ward?