One of my kids babysitters is a 18 year old Laurel in our ward. We like her a great deal. About 6 years ago her mentally ill mother committed suicide in her home. Yesterday during our mothers day service I kept noticing her tearing up and I thought of the pain she must be in over her loss.

This brought up the wider topic of suicide.
BRM in MD made the following entry on suicide:

“Suicide consists in the voluntary and intentional taking of one’s own life, particularly where the person involved is accountable and has a sound mind. … Persons subject to great stresses may lose control of themselves and become mentally clouded to the point that they are no longer accountable for their acts. Such are not to be condemned for taking their own lives. It should also be remembered that judgment is the Lord’s; he knows the thoughts, intents, and abilities of men; and he in his infinite wisdom will make all things right in due course.”

I like our approach to suicide and am grateful for the comfort it can provide for those that are grieving over the suicide of a loved one.