Image shown may not be theologically correctAfter the late Senator Edward Kennedy died of a brain tumor late last summer, there were the usual suspects proclaiming that he was burning in hell because of what he did (or rather didn’t do) with Mary Jo Kopechne and his stance on abortion. As I would feel with any deceased person, I found these sentiments highly presumptuous and spiritually dangerous. So imagine how taken aback I was when I read this statement from a close former associate of his, former Senator now President Obama.

In January when the health care bill passed, President Obama said:

Today, of course, we all feel the heavy absence of one of our greatest Irish-Americans; a man who loved this day so much; a man who I believe is still watching this body closely, particularly this week — and that is our beloved Ted Kennedy.

Wow, I thought. If Ted Kennedy’s reward in the next life is for him to have to be some kind of spectral Majority/Minority whip, required to shepherd legislation and cajole (former) colleagues for all eternity, he really has been damned!