The attempt by BP to stop the oil from gushing out has failed per the news media

We all remember the Federal response to Katrina. I for one did not see how Bush could have been blamed for Katrina. I felt that…

1. People should have evacuated when told. NO has been under threat from a major hurricane from the day it rose out of the swamp and foolishly stayed in place behind dikes.
2. The mayor and the gov were more responsible for their own people
3. The media overplayed it and used Katrina as a hammer to bludgeon Bush out of ideological dislike.

I also do not think that Obama is to blame on the oil spill.

1. Accidents happen
2. BP is to blame
3. What is the President supposed to do? Get in a Sub and use the Force to stop the oil?

I do think though that eventually if the oil keeps gushing that the media will eventually turn on him. Fair or not that’s what will eventually happen.

What is your take?