I don’t think I realized until I was in college that Dialogue and Sunstone were a different sort of publication than church magazines and anything from Deseret Books. I had thought they were LDS-themed publications aimed at adults, just like The Ensign. All my life, my dad had been receiving them in the mail, and he had a stack of back issues by his bed to prove it. While I was on my mission, my dad occasionally sent a copy of an article from those publications that he thought might interest me.

Being at BYU helped me figure out that those Sunstones or Dialogues were NOT received in every LDS home. I can understand why. Some people just aren’t that interested in supplemental reading, others may have felt they did not have the time (and the stack beside my dad’s bed shows that he didn’t really, either), maybe the subscription price was a barrier, and there is probably a very significant portion of the adult English-reading LDS population who has no idea such publications even exist. Of those who do know, I am sure there are a good number who are not interested in the topics covered or the way they are covered. I get that.

I guess I view the Bloggernaccle as my version of my dad’s supplemental reading. Reading here, however, requires less of an attention span. And money. And you get to talk back. I often send links of specific posts to friends and family I think might be especially interested, and they frequently enjoy what they read. But they don’t get sucked in to the bloggernaccle. They generally don’t comment or come back on their own. I wonder what the difference is between those of us who, let’s be frank, spend A LOT of time around here and those who find something better to do. Any ideas?