Sometimes in our callings we have to pick a hill to die on. To me this means that we feel strongly enough about a topic or practice that we are willing to make people angry or uncomfortable about it.

In my YM’s callings I have 2 hills I die on.

1. Teaching the LOC (Law Of Chastity) and proper family formation.   I essentially do not believe in watering down this doctrine.  Kids need to hear the truth about the importance of 2 parent families and chastity before marriage as taught by modern prophets. 

2. Attending church and YM’s activities.  This is directed at parents who punish kids by not allowing them to come to activities that the kid wants to come to.  After all the filth they see at school I hope you will let them get away from it all and come be with kids that are good influences.  You should hear the stories I hear from your kids about what goes on at school.

PH leaders need to be really careful what hills they decide to die on. We once had a bishop who died on the hill of Halloween parties. Year after year no matter what he was willing to anger lots of people over Halloween. He died all right….

What hills do you die on for church callings?