My ward has a huge controversy in the YM’s program. We have 3 disabled kids in a 10 kid quorum. The three disabled kids are quite the handful and they are totally dominating class time with their behavior. Take the worst church class situation you have ever seen and make it worse.

The parents of the non-disabled kids are in an uproar over the situation. They want changes. They are claiming that its so bad and their kids are really getting tired of it. Some of them have even said that they worry about the retention of their kids long term in YM’s.

I am not responsible for this quorum and my opinion matters little but when its all said and done I agree with our Bishop that the disabled kids are staying in the quorum during 3rd hour.

The Bishop is under a lot of pressure on this from both the disabled kids parents and the non disabled parents. So far he has had meetings and sent out lots of emails to calm the non-disabled parents down. I wonder how long he will able to hold ofF these parents.

Now since we are in the bloggernaccle we are going to solve this problem right here in this post.

If you were the bishop what course of action would you take?

If you were a parent of a nondisabled kid and he was potentially going inactive or being otherwise harmed by the class situation over this what would you do?

If you were the parent of one of the disabled kids what would you do?