I know you’re wondering how I know that. Let me explain:

The Bible is written to communicate with God’s children (including me). It relies heavily on agricultural metaphors. This worked well for a very very long time (thousands of years–way to go) because the consumers of it also understood the world of agriculture. Since the Industrial Revolution, however, the percentage of the world population who are agri-literate has steadily decreased. That means that, while the percentage of people who can actually read The Bible (and additional scripture) has actually increased, the communication has become less comprehensible.

Granted: the agriculture was a stroke of genius, but it is no longer relevant to much of the world. I realize that this is a personal deficiency, but I buy all of my food, not grow it. My entire life, I have had to have the agricultural allusions explained to me. In another generation or two, when people like me are the people who need to do the explaining are at a loss, the scriptures will seem very obtuse.

So I know the Second Coming is happening soon. Get ready.