I always read the Drudge Report, started when the Bush-Gore debacle happened. He’s biased, but I like the way the news is presented, the “fung shei” of the site, so I read it daily.

I couldn’t come up with anything terribly profound for a post today, but there are some things on Drudge that gave me pause.
Here are a few:

Naked woman leads police on chase in Utah.

Boy, I bet she was embarrassed when she sobered up. The really embarrassing thing is that she stole two cars—and one was a police car! I bet it was West Valley City.

Kindergarten program ends with parents brawling.

Well, it was southern California Mexicans. I told you about them. I think it was mostly the moms.

Some people think Hillary Clinton would make a better president than Obama.

I sure do. And I don’t even like her.

McCrystal resigns.

My question is, how on earth did somebody that stupid get to be the leading general in Afganistan? Even I’m not stupid enough to trash the president in Rolling Stone if I was a general which of course would never happen.

Public support for war in Afganistah wanes.

Not in my house. I still think we should have just made a parking lot of Afganistan.

Al Gore acted like a big excited poodle with a masseuse who’s worried about her reputation.

Al Gore is one of the most unattractive men I can think of, especially since his face lift. I never could see him and Tipper together. Well, even if he’s not guilty of this alleged assault, he’ll never live down the poodle nickname. I’m so glad he’s not the president.

There were some sad things yesterday, too, I think it was yesterday. A man held a 3 month old baby hostage and shot the child. Killed that baby. Boy, is he screwed.

The thing about Drudge—or other news organizations—is that good news isn’t news. And if you read Drudge every day, it can scare you to death. ESO’s right, the second coming’s right around the corner. Can’t happen soon enough for me.
You guys read any interesting news that you have an opinion on?