A few weeks ago in Gospel Doctrine, we were talking about David and Bathsheba. The teacher was trying to compare the temptation that David underwent with today/s world. Two comments really struck me (in more ways than one). First, someone commented that he wanted to defend David as Bathsheba was up on her roof bathing in the nude without a curtain or anything. His wife would never bathe on their roof without some kind of curtain shielding her. His wife piped up that Bathsheba should have used a curtain unless Bathsheba was really trying to tempt David. Second, we then talked about how we can avoid adultery. One guy said “we can avoid it if we only call each other Brother and Sister, that way we don’t know each other’s first names and we don’t get too familiar.” I began thinking how glad I was that none of my co-workers could see where I was that day or they would think I was crazy… So Brothers & Sisters, what have you heard in Sunday School that really struck you?