Today our ward did the relaunch of the Duty to God program for the Young Men.  I think the changes to the program itself merit some discussion and might post on the program itself in the future.  But something else struck me as we went through the materials for the new program.

The Church has produced a DVD to explain the new program.  It has two sections.  One for the boys and another for leadership, aimed at both the adult leaders and the boys that are in leadership roles.  I watched both sections today.  I am not sure that the videos did a great job of explaining the new program (it is a bit hard to explain) but they did do something very interesting.  They showed vignettes with young men taken part in the program.  This starts off very normally and then suddenly they switch contexts from a US ward to one in Latin America and the kids are speaking Spanish.  These kids are shown living in conditions that are pretty common in Latin America but would be shocking to many LDS kids in the USA.

The translation is by way of subtitles and there is no voice-over.  My impression was that about half of the dramatizations were done in Spanish, making for about a third of the total video.  The same pattern was repeated in both sections of the video.

It seemed that part of the point of including these segments was to show that the program is applicable regardless of the situation of the local unit.  It works well because for the most part it is self-directed.  But I thought this was an interesting way of implying that and an encouraging acknowledgment of the fact that we belong to a worldwide church.  I wonder if the same video is shown in Latin America.