The age of this universe is currently estimated at just under 14 billion years, though there have been a few recent suggestions that it could be older than that. In any case, LDS concepts of existence and eternity very strongly suggest, then, that all of us predate the universe itself, an axiom I take as given. I also take as given the axiom that God (the Father) created this universe for His purposes (as per Moses 1). This has strong implications of extra-dimensional existence, which I’ve written about before.

However, I occasionally run across comments from Latter-day Saints who, in interpreting the King Follett Discourse (or their understanding of it), seem to feel that God the Father experienced mortality within this universe, that is, He lived a mortal life (albeit in a Christ-like role) on some planet within this universe during the course of its existence.  I don’t believe that — I think that when God the Father “dwelled on an earth the same as Jesus Christ”, that it took place in a  universe and an existence separate from and that predates this universe. In my opinion, that makes far more sense and is far more consistent with other LDS doctrine and scriptures than the “experienced mortality in this universe” idea.

I’m curious, however, what everyone else thinks.  ..bruce..