Like many of you, I am sure, I don’t watch commercials anymore. Yet today, one of my children distracted me from my show and I neglected to fast forward through the commercials. Some commercial with a surfing woman was on–it could have been for juice or cereal–and at the end, she said “I’m a Mormon” and the little thing showed up in the corner. No logo. No Jesus. No blue scriptures. This was a commercial for selling Mormonism. I was shocked.

Next up was another brightly colored commercial with a slightly older woman artist–I figured she was probably hawking calcium or yogurt that regulates your system, or something. Nope. She’s a Mormon, too. What?

I know nothing about advertising, but this campaign seems really different to me. I’m not sure how a I feel about it. Clearly, these two women are fascinating individuals, and fellow Relief Society sisters. I’d love to be Visit Taught by them. But they are very different than an “average” Mormon woman, are they not? If someone saw these commercials and then showed up in my ward looking for dynamic women like this, they might be sorely disappointed. Based on our RS lesson this past Sunday (which inspired much mommy talk), none of the women in the ward would really feel comfortable pursuing their own athletic or artistic interests. Some of them may have husbands who cook for them occasionally, but it would probably make them feel guilty.

I love the women in my ward, but there is probably a reason none of us are featured in these commercials. The kind of controlled chaos they reign over in their homes just isn’t made for TV. What do you think about this face for Mormonism?