Well, this is going to be things read in book. I can’t even remember the name of it, but I got on a self-help book kick and picked this book on communicating out of the library. It was kind of boring and hard to understand (go ahead and mock if you must), but there were two things I took from the book. One was this quote: “God help me to forgive all those who sin differently than I.” Profound.

The other was in a chapter urging people to take responsibility for their anger and resentment. It referred to a work situation where a woman over-reacted to something a co-worker did, feeling insulted. It turned out that the co-worker was nervous about a project and meant absolutely no offense. The book urged people when offended to ask themselves, “why would a normally reasonable and sane person do this…or that?”

Because it’s true, offense is taken based on assumptions of the other person’s motives. I might be tempted to flip somebody off whose driving bothers me until I realize it’s a neighbor I like very much and my feelings change immediately to ones of humor and friendliness.

But, “God help me to forgive those who sin differently than I”—that was a revelation. Because it’s totally true, we’re all sinners.

Although I believe it’s the similiarities (ie stubbornness, controlling, etc.) that cause the differences in our personalities to become battles rather than interesting quirks, this saying has given me pause for thought over and over since I read it. In a way, it’s forgiving of oneself; well, not forgiving, but accepting. Accepting that no one is perfect; therefore, those of us who are keenly aware of our imperfections and torment ourselves with it can ease up just a bit. I find it so, anyway.

You guys read anything interesting this week?