Last Sunday we had a fantastic talk in our ward. A sister who had immigrated from the Philippines told the story of her families conversion when she was in the Philippines as a teenager. Her family was pretty poor and lacked basic durable goods like a TV and a fridge. Upon paying tithing her father had a series of rapid promotions and they ended up living what was in the Philippines a fairly middle class lifestyle, essentially they could afford a fridge and this simplified their lives quite a bit. She spoke about how grateful they were that they had a fridge and they were always appreciative of food that stayed fresh.

She ended her talk by talking about how grateful her 19 year old daughter was for the janitorial job she had at BYU that helped her get thru school.

Imagine if you will the audience for this talk. We arrived at church from our 3000sqft homes in late model SUV’s and vans that cost far more then her parents had ever made in a year. Fridge? Most of us had a fridge in the garage and one in the kitchen. For many of us the world that this sister described was far far away. I watched as many people around me teared up as the spirit poured out across the audience.

For me I always think of the YM when I hear something important. To them their whole lives have been one of material indulgence. Even the poorest among them have a house, fridge, 2 cars, cell phone, AC etc.

Sometimes I think we need a glimpse of what other peoples face across the world to realize what we really have.

What lessons have you learned from LDS immigrants in your wards and stakes?