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Mormon Political Affiliation

A recent commentator on Mormon Mentality made the assertion that Mormons are less conservative outside of the West. Curious I went to look for some data. Actually Gallup found that Mormons are pretty much identical politically across the US.


Mormons are also far more conservative then any other faith group in the country. The more active you are the more likely you will be conservative.

So what causes the LDS propensity to be conservatives? Is it the theology or practice of the religion or is the demographic make-up of the active membership? In other words church attending white married folks with kids.

I feel that its both a combination of theology/practice combined with the demographics of the average US Mormon that create this strong conservative bent.

What does the wisdom of the bloggernaccle say the cause is?

Whoops! It’s Tuesday! I’m supposed to post today…

Offensive or funny? You decide.

Is Mormonism an Abrahamic Religion and Should I Feel Insulted?

I haven’t really been following this Glenn Beck’s rally because I just didn’t care about it. On the news tonight I heard Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, interviewed about it. In emphasizing the religious diversity represented at the event, Land was presses on Beck’s Mormonism. He was asked if he thought of Mormonism as a Christian religion, as the Catholic or various Protestant churches are, and after trying to avoid answering the question, Land admitted that he did NOT believe Mormonism to be Christian, but would classify it as an Abrahamic religion. Read more »

Mormons NOT Fans Of President Obama (really!?)

An interesting article in the Deseret News covering a recent Gallup poll showed that Mormons give President Obama the lowest approval rating amongst religious groups. Gallup interviewed 275,000+ people across the US including about 4,700 Mormons. Mormons gave Obama a 24% approval rating vs 78% from Muslims (highest rating). I wondered three things:

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DKL’s Notes on UFC

Saturday night (Aug 28), UFC 118 was here in Boston at the TD Garden. Its was tons of fun. My wife, her brother, her sister-in-law, and I all had a great time.

I’m an unlikely UFC fan. I don’t like sports in general. Sure, I passively follow Boston teams. I’ll admit that I still feel connected to the Redskins from growing up in Washington, DC. And occasionally I do watch the post-season match ups. Yet I lack an active interest in sports and sport teams. I just can’t muster that much enthusiasm.

But I love UFC and its mixed martial arts (MMA) style of fighting. Other sports are highly contrived affairs: one doesn’t accidentally find oneself engaged in a baseball, soccer, or football game. Not even boxing, with all of its rules, occurs on accident. But anyone can end up in a fight, and everyone understands whats at stake when you win or lose.

UFC events have great production values, and whether you go to see them live or watch them on pay-per-view you’ll see very high quality and well put-together sporting event. My observances, in no particular order of interest or significance, are as follows:
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No Good Deed… or I am a Complete Jerk

My name is common enough that I receive several emails a week from people intending to reach someone else with a similar name.  I make it a point to respond, point out that their email is incorrectly addressed, and try to be helpful.

Yesterday I was perhaps too helpful. A transcript prepared for your enjoyment follows. Names have been redacted to protect the innocent.
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Sarah Palin is growing on me

Well, since I’m all about rebelling, I got her book AND Obama’s book at the library. I intended to go through them and sort out the half-truths and also to try to find parts that sound exactly the same. I thought that would blow the ladies in the book club’s minds. I still might, but I’m finding it to be a rather tedious chore and I’m short of time these days.

(Let me digress a moment to point out that both people have messianic complexes. I heard a late night talk show host say that about Obama the other night–saying that he doesn’t care about being re-elected, he just wants to get his agenda pushed forward. But Palin’s book sure sounds like she feels the same way–called by God! That’s the similarity I’ve found so far) Read more »

Big Changes at the Deseret News?

Full disclosure (to prevent threats of lawsuits): I used to deliver the Deseret News as a child.

Rumors have been swirling for a while now about big changes at the Deseret News. If you are interested in a thorough discussion of the possibilities I suggest listening to last Monday’s episode of RadioWest. Possible changes include laying off a third to half of the staff, cutting the number of days that the print edition is published, moving into KSL’s building and sharing more operations with KSL, and making an effort to reach out to Mormons outside of the Wasatch Front.

Much of what is discussed there hasn’t happened yet, but some big announcements have happened this week. On Tuesday a new editorial advisory board was announced. Included are familiar LDS names such as Sheri Dew, Clayton Christensen, Jane Clayson, and Matthew Holland.

Thursday the “New Media Leadership Team” was introduced.

So what does this mean for the future of the paper and Mormon media?
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Topic for discussion

The theologian corrupts theology by wanting to turn it into a science.
By looking for rules for grace.

Don Colacho (Nicolás Gómez Dávila)

Discuss amongst yourselves.  ..bruce..

Growing up too Soon

Like you, perhaps, I held a number of callings while I was in the Young Women’s Program: I was the president of all three of the classes (3 different wards), and counselor or secretary here and there and I also served as Seminary President. Probably most of us who were members as youth served in some capacity. Read more »

To Andrew, Ward of the State

Hi Andrew,

You were on fire today in Teachers Quorum. You summed up the entire lesson in a 30 second comment. I noticed today that your scriptures are getting read, they seem like they have some wear and tear on them. When you make comments I feel the spirit and I know that you have a real testimony. You are spiritually far more mature then the other teachers. Physically you are big, muscular, and handsome. You have the ability to speak in public and people like you.

You shock and surprise me every week considering your background. I know that your Mom gave birth to you when she was 14 and the State of Texas took you and your siblings into foster care when you were 9. You have no idea who your father is. Getting bounced around foster care is hard and you have emotional scars and fear and anger inside.

Somehow the Lord put an LDS foster family in your life and you got baptized when you were 13. You are no longer with that family but have a new Catholic family and are now in our ward.

I confess that I had little faith that you would remain interested in the church and remain active when I heard that you had moved here based on your background. I was wrong and ask for forgiveness for judging you sight unseen.

Your PH leaders are here for you. We will help you heal those scars. I will show you how to channel the anger you feel into basketball rather then violence. We will take you tubing and boating and give you advice on how to make the ladies like you.

We can help you get a job when you turn 16, and help you get into college. A mission is in your future. I know that you look up the the elders. You can be like them.

Listen to our lessons and apply them. If applied properly one day you will be a college educated man with a wife, children, and a job. You will break the cycle that has plagued generations of your family. Your children will be blessed by your presence in their lives.

We your YM’s leaders: Greg, Denis, Sean and I feel that the Lord is asking us to watch out for you. Please call tomorrow so I can come and give you a fathers blessing at the beginning of school. I know that I am not your Dad but you need male role models.

If the State moves you to a new foster situation their will be other leaders like us who will love you. That is how the Church works.

Brother Bell

New Bible edition!

From the Onion:

CHICAGO—A new translation of the Bible released this week directly mentions the Second Amendment on eight occasions, and includes a version of Psalm 23 that begins, “The Lord is my shepherd, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Positive early feedback praised the new edition for its clean design, readability, and beautiful rendering of proverbs that condemn the foolish ban on semiautomatic weapons for personal use. “For the Lord your God walks in the midst of your camp, to deliver you and give your enemies over to you,” Deuteronomy 23:14 reads. “Your camp shall be holy, and if that means exercising your constitutional right to purchase a firearm, then that’s your own damn business.” The leather-bound book also comes with a handsomely crafted carrying case and a fully loaded, nickel-plated Glock 17 8mm.

Heh.  ..bruce..

3 is better than 2

Think of your ideal Sacrament Meeting: how many speakers are there?

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Senior Couples are awesome and ageism exists in the job market

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with a senior mission couple at a job seminar. This mission couple was awesome!! They really brought the spirit and their work exp was applicable.

Sadly with all the awesomeness displayed by the senior couple a majority of the folks at the job seminar were 50 plus. They all seemed to think or believe that their age had a real impact on their ability to get a job.

I think the Lord sees the value of everybody even if they are 50 plus as demonstrated by the senior mission couple.

Why in the job market does our society seem to be so discriminatory against older workers?

Whatcha Readin?

Well, at our library, you can order books that the library doesn’t have. It’s called inter-library loan. I pay $1 per order and get whatever I want for a couple weeks. I used to do it all the time and still list books I read about, but haven’t ordered in years, mostly due to time constraints. I’m rushed all the time and I forget about it, etc. Anyway, the other day I took the time, filled out ten forms and sent for the books. About 4 days later, a book arrived, it was, uh, dang, I read it it one day, oh! No Time to Wave Goodbye, by Jacquelyn Mitchard. A few days later, seven more arrived. Yesterday, one more. I’m expecting one more, but I can’t remember what on earth it is. Read more »

Patheos Focuses on “the Future of Mormonism”

This week Patheos is focusing on the future of Mormonism, with posts written by Philip Barlow, Tresa Edmunds, Kristine Haglund, Brian Hales, Grant Hardy, Bridget Jack Jeffries, Richard T. Livingston, Armand Mauss, Neylan McBaine, Blake Ostler, Michael Otterson, Seth Perry, Boyd Petersen, Aaron Reeves, Jana Riess, Jan Shipps, David Stewart, Stephen Taysom, Walter van Beek, and Margaret Blair Young & Darius Aidan Gray.

Check it out here.

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Another Utah get-rich-quick scheme gone awry

I’m sure the novel is in the LDS young adult fiction section of Deseret Book.  ..bruce..

H-E-R-O, God is my Hero

This has been the soundtrack of the last week of my life. Read more »

Mormon Men and the adult themed restaurant Hooters

There is a group of active LDS men in my area that like to visit the local Hooters. They go for the obvious reasons together.

What in the wisdom of the bloggernaccle do we think of this activity?

Arguing With Bill

Well, we rarely argue anymore and especially not the loud knock-down, drag-outs we used to have. But there are a few things we bicker about, albeit quietly. First, he drives me crazy. Because he’s afraid of the house burning down, so all the fixtures in our house have 60 W bulbs. And it feels dark in here to me. So I go uptown, buy some 100 W bulbs and switch them all out. Once he came home and walked in the kitchen and said, “Wow, you cleaned up the kitchen today!” When we re-did our kitchen, he and the electrician ganged up on me and I let him have his way. I still put 100 W bulbs in the lamps by the bed so I can read. Well, heavens, we’ve been married 29 years and the house hasn’t burned down yet. Read more »

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