This has been the soundtrack of the last week of my life. We are on a road trip and my kids had just done Vacation Bible School the week before we left. This is their new favorite CD. I was NOT excited about it, having a generally negative feeling about Christian Rock; and I will admit that the three-year-olds’ version of the choreography probably softened me, but I have to say, this music isn’t bad.

The messages in the songs are not doctrinally objectionable. The songs are catchy enough. They convey an enthusiasm for Christian living which wasn’t necessarily evident in the last Primary presentation I sat through. Most importantly, my kids love these songs, and sing them with gusto. I have to wonder: why can’t Primary songs do this?

Our Primary songs focus, it seems, on instruction. Very few of them muster anything other than sleepiness. The notable exception I can think of in the last few years is Scripture Power, which almost always elicited a shushing or a “let’s be more reverent” from a Primary chorister. Maybe the problem is that our songs are written for Sundays. I can certainly understand a desire for teaching Sabbath decorum, but by limiting our children’s music to ballads, maybe we are doing them a disservice.

What do you think?