Think of your ideal Sacrament Meeting: how many speakers are there?

Of late, my ward has had a strong preference for 2 speakers. I feel, quite strongly, that two is not enough. For one thing, this results in rather long talks: longer than I want to prepare or pay attention to. Also, it has tended to mean that no one except a certain type (the type who can be asked to speak for 20 minutes) has been asked to speak: no youth speakers, no recent converts, no speakers of languages other than English, etc. It also seems to mean that the people who speak all feel like they are the main event. They give very serious talks. It just hasn’t been that fun. We have had several incidences in which one person has spoken substantially longer than they should have, giving the other speaker little to no time. I guess that a person preparing a 20-minute talk has little idea how to gauge the actual length thereof, and gathers excess material, leading to this problem. Anyway, I wondered if anyone else had an opinion.