Hi Andrew,

You were on fire today in Teachers Quorum. You summed up the entire lesson in a 30 second comment. I noticed today that your scriptures are getting read, they seem like they have some wear and tear on them. When you make comments I feel the spirit and I know that you have a real testimony. You are spiritually far more mature then the other teachers. Physically you are big, muscular, and handsome. You have the ability to speak in public and people like you.

You shock and surprise me every week considering your background. I know that your Mom gave birth to you when she was 14 and the State of Texas took you and your siblings into foster care when you were 9. You have no idea who your father is. Getting bounced around foster care is hard and you have emotional scars and fear and anger inside.

Somehow the Lord put an LDS foster family in your life and you got baptized when you were 13. You are no longer with that family but have a new Catholic family and are now in our ward.

I confess that I had little faith that you would remain interested in the church and remain active when I heard that you had moved here based on your background. I was wrong and ask for forgiveness for judging you sight unseen.

Your PH leaders are here for you. We will help you heal those scars. I will show you how to channel the anger you feel into basketball rather then violence. We will take you tubing and boating and give you advice on how to make the ladies like you.

We can help you get a job when you turn 16, and help you get into college. A mission is in your future. I know that you look up the the elders. You can be like them.

Listen to our lessons and apply them. If applied properly one day you will be a college educated man with a wife, children, and a job. You will break the cycle that has plagued generations of your family. Your children will be blessed by your presence in their lives.

We your YM’s leaders: Greg, Denis, Sean and I feel that the Lord is asking us to watch out for you. Please call tomorrow so I can come and give you a fathers blessing at the beginning of school. I know that I am not your Dad but you need male role models.

If the State moves you to a new foster situation their will be other leaders like us who will love you. That is how the Church works.

Brother Bell