Like you, perhaps, I held a number of callings while I was in the Young Women’s Program: I was the president of all three of the classes (3 different wards), and counselor or secretary here and there and I also served as Seminary President. Probably most of us who were members as youth served in some capacity. Those callings were useful in planning activities that were useful and attractive to the youth and also in teaching me something of how the Church works.

My current ward has those callings, too, distributed through the Young Men and Young Women. But they also have a few youth serving in other capacities, the most visible of which is Ward Organist and Ward Chorister. My ward is a normal-sized ward with a normal number of adults who can fill the normal ones a ward requires to function. We don’t have any made-up callings or super-specialized ones, but we do have enough people to go around to have all the Primary classes team-taught and run 2 nurseries and have several separate Elders Quorums functioning (for 3 language groups in the ward). Additionally, ours is a ward that provides significant numbers of adults to Stake leadership positions: the Stake President, a handful of High Councillors, and a few of us in Auxiliary presidencies. What I am saying is that we are not some teeny tiny struggling barely-a-ward. We have people. So why don’t we have adults serving in all the regular callings?

The youth providing our music are not temporarily placed: they have been doing it for a year and other youth served before them. I am not sure why it bothers me. When the young woman who plays the organ was called (to replace an adult who was quite a pro), I was worried that it would cause her major stress. It doesn’t seem to, but she just isn’t as accomplished as some of the adults in my ward would be, so we sing slowly and repeat a lot of hymns again and again. The one serving as chorister does alright–no one watches the chorister anyway. They are probably gaining some good skills, but they are skills they can gain doing these same things within the youth sphere. I feel like they should be able to enjoy their low-stress calling years at least until they graduate from high school, but this batch didn’t even make it out of middle school. Let the adults keep the ward going.

Or maybe I’m just jealous and wish I could get released from my Stake Calling to lead the music in Sacrament Meeting.

What do you think? Is there any problem with having youth called to non-youth callings? Is it just good practice for the next 70 years of their life as adults in a lay-Church?