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This is NOT the Way to get me to Donate to BYU

Honestly, I probably will NEVER donate to BYU. But this particular appeal they sent me sure doesn’t help their cause.

Does that make me a major curmudgeon? Read more »

Making up Scripture because I Can

Not too long ago, in a temple far far away, the local Young Single Adults branch took a temple trip and had a fireside with the temple president. I am not sure what the temple president was ASKED to speak about, but I am guessing he felt free to talk about whatever he wanted. He decided to ignore the Young and the Adult aspects of the audience and went straight for the Single:

Women, let’s be real, some of you will never get married. That’s just the truth. Maybe even lots of you. I know some of you will eventually marry outside the Church and that is understandable and will not be held against you. Women can go to the Celestial Kingdom without a temple marriage.

Men, that is not the case for you. You will NOT be admitted to the Celestial Kingdom without a temple marriage. Get a move on.

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Gordon B. Hinckley and Mountain Meadow

Virginia Hinckley Pearce, daughter of Gordon B. Hinckley, talks of taking two trips with her father to the site of the Mountain Meadow Massacre — once as a young girl of six years, and again only a few years before her father’s death. Here’s the first visit:

When he finally parked the car, we got out and walked quite a distance until we came to an inauspicious but distinct rock cairn. It was, I believe, surrounded by a simple low rock wall. We all sat down on the wall and after a few moments of silence, Dad told us the story of the Mountain Meadow Massacre.

I don’t remember, of course, the exact words he used, or even the chronology of the events he recited. What I do remember is the compassion and heartbreak evident in Dad’s voice. He wasn’t angry. He said nothing about who was to blame; he simply related as much of the story as he knew, and expressed incredible sadness about the inhumanity of it all.

Read the whole thing.  ..bruce..

Blogger Proselytizing

I had heard that the missionaries in my mission were participating in a pilot program that allowed them more extensive internet-access than average; I am not sure about the limits, but I think they can use FaceBook, for example.

One or more of the missionaries here also blog. Here is one such blog. It is NOT a “hey friends and family, this is what I did today” blog, nor a “day in the life of a missionary” blog, but a blog intended to attract investigators. Apparently, this sister was specifically selected and she spends time at the mission home blogging (her companion, who was not specifically chosen) spends that time studying Preach My Gospel.

What do you think of this? I am interested to hear what you think of it.

I like to eat…

I am probably not unique from most humans in that I like to eat. However, I am also aware that many times my eating behavior is certainly counter to the guidance in the Word of Wisdom (e.g., occassionally I eat until I am literally in pain). In fact, my eating behavior has contributed to my spare tire.
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Barack, The Audacity of Hope, Part 2

Well, my book is overdue at the library and it’s filled with post-its to mark places that I found profound, thought-provoking, or lame. I’ve been taking it to work and reading it when I have a few free moments. I’m more and more coming to the conclusion that the President would make a very good university professor. And that the ambivalence he expresses, over and over, work against him—and us, when we need firm decisive leadership. I’m wondering if compassionate, sensitive, intelligent people do not make good leaders. I recall very clearly being impressed with Jimmy Carter’s sincerity, and also thinking he was stupid. Stupid in underestimating the task before him and stupid in overestimating the scope of his influence. In not realizing how hard it is for a president to make real change and thinking he could do everything. Read more »

Quote for the week
Awake, my soul! No longer droop in sin. . . . Do not anger again because of mine enemies.
— 2 Nephi 4:27-28
Discuss amongst yourselves.  ..bruce..
Awkward MORMON Family Photos

I think we can all agree that this family is Mormon. Read more »

Barack Obama started out growing on me but now is boring me…..

Well, first of all, I think he did write The Audacity of Hope. Maybe he had help with a turn of a phrase, etc., but every writer does that kind of thing. It sounds like his “voice” —how I hear him express himself. I can even insert the meaningful pauses.

There’s a lot of wisdom in this book and I enjoyed it, at first. But I basically read at the plot level and there’s no plot. I want to know more about him, his life. What he did is set it up in chapters where he addresses topics, starting with a prologue, then on to “Republicans and Democrats;” Values;” ” Constitution;” “Politics;” and “Opportunity;” which is as far as I’ve gotten. I plan to finish it, but I’ll have to make this two parts. (The book has an index, which I appreciate. Palin’s book wasn’t on this level at all; no need for an index.) Read more »

How offended would you be if a church decided to burn copies of the Book of Mormon?

In light of the threatened Koran burning apparently imminent in Florida how offended would you be by the burning of the Book of Mormon?

I am not sure how offended most LDS people would be. I do not think the average LDS person regards the actual paper/binding of the actual book to be holy.

What do you think?

Crazy Email Addresses

I am amazed sometimes when I review resumes for job applicants and their personal email is something like “supercooldude@gmail” or something like that. It does not come across as impressive, at least not in my line of work. I have also seen some crazy emails in the ward directory. I imagine many of these emails were created when the person was younger, but it may make sense to have a more professional email address for church/work settings. Am I just being an old grouch here?

Like the trash pickup, I’m a day late…

…because of Labor Day. But the more I read this, the more it makes me chuckle.  ..bruce..

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Get Your Movie Star On

My sister sent me this casting call. Apparently, the Church is making some new New Testament movies. Cool. The only problem is, they are filming in Salt Lake and need to find people who don’t look like they come from Salt Lake. Read more »

taking care of sick folks

My family has been recently experiencing some serious health problems. My newborn nephew has been in the hospital for 5 weeks with septic shock. His treatment involved helicopters and lots of surgery at a hospital 4 hours from his home. Thankfully despite his being near death he has pulled thru and while not home yet should be home soon.

It is remarkable how much effort the wards 4 hours from his home have reacted to his presence in town. Numerous visits, blessings, and special visits from RS presidents and local PH leaders have been occuring regularly. Local wards even offer babysitting services and food. Its been remarkable the service that has been given to my brother and his young family.

I write this post 1300 miles from my home while attending to my father who had a heart attack this weekend while visiting Yellowstone national park. Here to in the short time we have been here the local LDS folks have been there for us.

One of the greatest things about LDS is the sense of community that we have.