My family has been recently experiencing some serious health problems. My newborn nephew has been in the hospital for 5 weeks with septic shock. His treatment involved helicopters and lots of surgery at a hospital 4 hours from his home. Thankfully despite his being near death he has pulled thru and while not home yet should be home soon.

It is remarkable how much effort the wards 4 hours from his home have reacted to his presence in town. Numerous visits, blessings, and special visits from RS presidents and local PH leaders have been occuring regularly. Local wards even offer babysitting services and food. Its been remarkable the service that has been given to my brother and his young family.

I write this post 1300 miles from my home while attending to my father who had a heart attack this weekend while visiting Yellowstone national park. Here to in the short time we have been here the local LDS folks have been there for us.

One of the greatest things about LDS is the sense of community that we have.