It’s from a dubious source and has been denied by everybody named. Nevertheless, it’s all over Drudge and practically every other news source: Michelle Obama said she could stand being 1st Lady according to an unauthorized biography of Carla Bruni, France’s 1st Lady. Let’s suppose that the quotation is accurate just for the sake of argument: so what?

If she did say it, for all we know, she was being self-deprecating. Even so, she’s under no obligation to enjoy being 1st Lady, and she’s certainly entitled to have bad days when things are especially frustrating. Shoot, I’m hesitant to say so, because it sounds bad, but the truth is that on some days, being a father of 5 is especially frustrating, and the thought has crossed my mind that this whole idea my wife and I had about having children was just crazy — though in reality being a parent is my most cherished role.

Assuming the worst, in an unguarded moment, she conveyed her frustration to a sympathetic 1st Lady of another country and it was overheard by an aid with poor judgment. Big deal.