Not too long ago, in a temple far far away, the local Young Single Adults branch took a temple trip and had a fireside with the temple president. I am not sure what the temple president was ASKED to speak about, but I am guessing he felt free to talk about whatever he wanted. He decided to ignore the Young and the Adult aspects of the audience and went straight for the Single:

Women, let’s be real, some of you will never get married. That’s just the truth. Maybe even lots of you. I know some of you will eventually marry outside the Church and that is understandable and will not be held against you. Women can go to the Celestial Kingdom without a temple marriage.

Men, that is not the case for you. You will NOT be admitted to the Celestial Kingdom without a temple marriage. Get a move on.

Apparently, this ruffled some feathers. As usual, men felt picked on and women resented the powerlessness of their position. When I heard a recounting of this fireside, I must admit to having my feathers ruffled, too, but for a different reason. While what this temple president said just may be the way things shake out in the afterlife (without the gender-divide, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see people who did not have temple marriages go to live with their loving Heavenly Father), is this idea supported by scripture? I don’t think so. Why didn’t someone call the temple president on this? What calling can I get where I can make stuff up?