Honestly, I probably will NEVER donate to BYU. But this particular appeal they sent me sure doesn’t help their cause.

Does that make me a major curmudgeon? I just kind of think that people shouldn’t start families if doing so means they can no longer pay for college. (And by “pay for,” I mean secure loans or grants or, you know, have a good old-fashioned income). Birth control is a wonderful thing. Seriously, does the caution, oft bandied about the internet and Relief Society classes, NOT to unnecessarily postpone child-bearing REALLY mean that you shouldn’t finish up your undergraduate degree? I am thinking that there are lots of other purchases that qualify as something for which you shouldn’t prevent conception: buying a boat, traveling the world, paying off your car, etc etc. But the level of education now considered so basic that you would have a hard time supporting your family without it? If you can’t finance a child (at an already cheap institution) AND finish up that last year of your major, than don’t have a child.

But that’s just me.