As some of you may have observed I am a bit of a student of Christianity in the US. Many Denominations have in the last couple of decades experienced schisms both small and large over feminist and homosexual issues. One of the features of the typical schism involves regional political differences bleeding into congregations. AKA the congregations in say Vermont have very different ideas then the congregations in South Carolina

It seems that the LDS church is possibly taking the first few steps down that path although arriving on that path a decade or two later.

Our flash point is homosexuality. We all know that many folks in the bloggernaccle are vehemently opposed the LDS theology on Homosexuality. Most active LDS are fine with the church’s teachings on this topic and until recently I did not see any reason to think that there was danger of schism.

That changed when I read accounts of some of the activities of the Oakland stake and more specifically the Berkeley ward.

“And on July 6, 2010, the Berkeley LDS ward (congregation) hosted a community meeting featuring GLBT people from a number of faith traditions sharing their testimonies of faith and stories of their marriages as a form of “spiritual practice.” ”

I can never imagine here in Texas that our SP or a local bishop would invite local gay couples to come into a special meeting and bear witness of their gay relationships. WOULD NOT HAPPEN

I believe that this how a LDS schism COULD occur.  Congregations in highly liberal areas decide that they are going to go their own way on traditional LDS teachings of morality.  Gradually the divide between the rest of the church and these areas widen and we walk down the path of schism.

So what do you think?  Can the leadership navigate this tricky path?  Was the Jensen quasi apology an attempt to bridge the gap?  Could you see the Oakland stake at some future point deciding to walk their own path and leave traditional Mormonism?  Or will just see a slow hemorrhage of liberal members leaving?