Recently a Nobel prize was awarded to the scientist that developed IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).  This was a Nobel that I can honestly say I was pretty happy with.  For the record I think the Nobel prizes are usually hopelessly politicized esp the peace prizes but this particular award was well warranted.  If you have ever known anybody that has conceived and brought to term a child thru IVF you realize what a blessing IVF is.

Some people believe that IVF is in itself morally wrong because of the destruction of unimplanted embryos.  While I understand these concerns I do not find anything in either the CHI or LDS theology in general that makes me feel that IVF is immoral.  Most objections to IVF come from Catholic theology.  Since I am LDS I feel I can safely discard Catholic based objections to IVF. 

I see the commandment to Multiply and Replenish the Earth on balance overcome by a wide margin any moral objections to IFV.  I would even go so far as to suggest that IVF is a blessing from God to those among us who have born children thru this method.  I generally feel this way about advances in reproductive technology