Ward traditions are fun. Some wards Trunk or Treat. Others have a pig roast etc. The traditions give people something to look forward to and an opportunity to invite non-members to a fun activity.

One of our ward traditions is an annual donut eating contest in the Teachers Quorum. Typically we hold it in the fall. We also get some older boys in addition to the Teachers.

This eating contest has been held for 6 years now. The current champ won 6 years ago and is currently serving in the Oakland mission. He ate 19 Krispy Kremes before he lost it.

Numerous boys over the years have attempted to eat more then 19 and become a legend. This year I thought we had a shot at 19. We have a couple of big football players and they were talking like they could get the job done. So off we headed to the Krispy Kreme factory. An hour later the two big boys had 17 and 14 KK’s downed and looked kind of green. Even a short break and some water to wash the frosting out of their throats did not do the job. 19 Krispy Kremes remains the number to beat.