Here is your chance to prove to the “naccle that you are a political science wizard.

I am going to list out 10 competitive senate races and you get to pick who wins. Here are my predictions.

Illinois. This is a deep blue state but it looks to me that the R who is ahead a bit in the polls pulls it out. Say 3-4 points

Penn: After some tightening last couple of weeks the R is out ahead again. I predict an R victory by 4

Cal: I see the D pulling this one out by 2-4 points. Its hard to overcome the inherent D advantage in deep blue CA.

Wisconsin: Much to everybody’s surprise this one looks like an 5-8 point R victory

Nev: Harry looks done. He now down about 4 and his opponent has been slowly pulling away since the debate.

CO: This one tightened up a bit and now the R is slightly ahead. I am going with a 3 point R victory

WA: This one looks neck and neck. With the R pulling ahead slightly in the polls. But WA is deep blue so I give a close race to the D

WV: After initially being down in the polls the D is now roaring back after he literally pulled out a deer rifle and shot a copy of the cap and trade bill in a commercial. Go mountain folk!!! Looks D.

FL: Looks like an easy victory for the R.

KY: The R otherwise known as the Aqua man worshiper appears to have put this race away.

It appears to me that the Senate will be split 51-49 D. However I need some wiggle room. If this turns into a “super wave election” The candidates in WA, CA, and WV could get pulled under. So give me some wiggle room on the final Senate configuration