San Francisco has taken to banning McDonald’s Happy Meals. Ironically, I took my kids to McDonald’s last night although we probably visit McDonald’s twice a year at most (we did not order Happy Meals). While I am not a fan of McDonald’s (although it works as a food stop of last resort) nor of the Happy Meal, should cities really start banning food?

It seems silly to me and a waste of their time to actually spend time worrying about such things when I would presume there are many more important topics for them to focus on. While Obesity is a problem in this country, we have given up on trying to make people accountable for their diets and are now targeting food producers as it is their fault (certainly partially but not exclusively). Who gets targeted next? Bakeries? Hostess? Ice Cream manufacturers?

It certainly gets to some broad censorship questions that I don’t necessarily feel comfortable with.