Today on Veterans day I wanted to first of all give a shout out to all veterans both living and dead. But particularly to my grandfather. Grandpa served in Patton’s Army in WW2 and lived thru 3 terrible months of ground combat from Late December 1944 at the Battle of the Bulge to March 1945 when his unit was pulled of the front lines after staggering losses. Thanks Grandpa.

I wanted to explore if pacifism would work in the real world. Imagine if you will that pacifists had been in charge of the US, the USSR, and the UK during ww2. Nazi Germany would have rolled over Europe. Killing all undesirables in concentration camps. Jews, Gypsies, etc and subjugating the Slavs in the East. I think its fair to say that military defeat was the only solution to a committed foe intent on committing atrocities.

I think the same logic applies to the Israeli-Palestinian issue as well. If the Israelis laid down their arms in a burst of pacifism the land would run red with the blood of Jews at the hands of Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palestinian Authority.

You see in my view there is a kind of longer term peace (until the next aggressor emerges) that defeating evil creates.

Until the Savior comes and establishes real peace on earth we must always stand diligent to protect our people, lands, and rights from aggressive foes. Thank you Veterans !!