I am sure you have heard by now: the Activities Committee is no more. Expired. Passed on. Kicked the bucket. Disbanded. What have you. I, for one, couldn’t be happier: I have lived in fear of being called to the Activities Committee as long as I have been aware of its’ existence. Fear no more. In honor of the end, I would like to share with you the worst ward activity I can remember:

One ward that I served in in Japan decided to have a ward pot-luck. Emphasis on the luck. They sold tickets to interested parties for a curry lunch that would be available one certain Sunday after Church. My companion and I bought tickets, as did most members of the ward. That Sunday, we could all smell the curry cooking all through Church and were really looking forward to the meal and the opportunity to visit with many members of the ward we did not get to see often. As luck would have it, Relief Society ran over that week. We were quite late being released, and very hungry. By the time I reached the multi-purpose room, there was literally no rice or curry left in the pots. Nothing. The men and children had scraped every lick of rice and curry out of the serving dishes, even though half of the ticket-holders were still in class. Then the dirtied dishes were left for the Relief Society sisters to wash.

Rest in Peace Activities Committee.

In this guest book, please describe the most memorable Activities Committee even you have participated in.