I was thinking about the topics one does not discuss at work, in polite company, etc. The usual topics brought up are sex, religion and politics. While pondering this, I was looking at our most commented posts at MM. Arguably, most of the posts are about either politics or sex (homosexuality), with only a few being about religion or doctrine specifically. Does that mean that in the ‘nacle we love to argue about sex and politics – particularly the hot topics of the day (e.g., Prop 8)? Of course, but why? Is it because of the ability to be anonymous? I have had few, if any, discussions around sex or politics at actual Church meetings and I am guessing few of us would have any of these discussions in our current wards, but I could be wrong. I guess that is one of the fundamental benefits of the ‘nacle for me – the ability to broach important subjects (and get some very good insights from others) you really cannot touch in a formal Church setting.