Tagore wrote a post on how his ward forbade women to say the opening prayer in Sacrament meeting, which people justified with Boyd Packer’s talk on The Unwritten Order of Things. Boyd Packer’s talk is available at lds.org right here, though it’s really the sort of talk that should only be published by anti-Mormon sites (like the original text of Boyd Packer’s recent talk on the gays). The policy to forbid women from giving the opening prayer is a foul policy, even when it was implemented by misguided, though well-meaning, leaders that we sustain. What is even more foul is the use of Boyd Packer’s talk to justify such a policy, which I wrote about here.

The good news is that the newly issued Handbook 2 has a Section 18.5, entitled “Prayers in Church Meetings,” which begins, “Men and women may offer both opening and closing prayers in Church meetings.”

So for all the triumphant insiders who claimed to know better than the unwashed Mormon masses: Go back to your rameumptom and let us worship in peace.