I found the following article very inspiring. In the article, the writer, a pastor of a megachurch talks about how his church started thinking that maybe Jesus’ priorities were not the same as their priorities. Perhaps their view of “A middle-class American Jesus who doesn’t mind materialism” was wrong. This caused his church to do things differently – they stopped spending money on their large campuses, gave away their surplus fund to the poor in India, trimmed their budget, and sent many members overseas to serve in underdeveloped areas. The part that struck me was the joy he mentions the church has found in truly sacrificing for others. It is a moving story and worth a read. I then started thinking about our Church. We do require sacrifice of our members – tithing, missionary service, lay clergy, etc. Is this enough sacrifice? Do we really put our funds where they can truly change lives? Do we really need our $50M Temples and other monuments to our faith or could be get by with more modest structures and reallocate more funds to Humanitarian work? What do you think?