Last night at dinner, my 2.5 year old said “I just stuck a soybean up my nose”. We thought she was kidding as she thinks she is quite the comedian (we were eating soybeans from Trader Joe’s as part of our dinner). A few minutes later she started complaining about her nose hurting. Sure enough, there was a large soybean stuffed up there. I tried to extract it with tweezers and a toothpick (tried to poke it to extract it), but these did not work. She is too young to blow her nose, so we tried to get her to sneeze using Black Pepper – it succeeded in making me sneeze, but not her. We finally took her into the after hours care. The nurse quickly extracted it with the help of some fancy tweezers, so several hundred dollars (luckily we have insurance) and an hour later, we came back home. I asked the Doctor if these types of visits were common and he said, “yes, I have seen crayons, tissue, beans, marbles, food, etc. all stuffed up there. You are lucky you caught it, as I have had parents bring their kids in weeks later after something started stinking and they figured out it was something up the child’s nose that was rotting…” So maybe a soybean is not so bad considering what could have happened.