The  other night, Obama pre-empted my favorite show to give a speech about the Arizona shooting.  I’ve been trying to watch him every time he appears, to give him respect and attention, my little bit of support because I so want him to succeed.  It’s a race thing.  I want the first Black president to triumph, to do well, to be a credit to our country and to his race.  The day he was inaugarated, my heart just soared, even though I felt some caution and concern.  It was about time.

So I haven’t been sitting around waiting to catch him screwing up.  I’ve prayed for his success.  But you know, I sat there, with my pastrami burger and Sprite, (my turn to make dinner–the bowling alley makes the best burgers!), just home from work and slightly disappointed because I was looking forward to a little humor and relaxation at the hard day of work making the world better for cell phone users, and I thought, “our president sucks.” I’m embarrassed.

Guys, I’m sorry, but he lacks leadership ability.  He doesn’t come across presidential.  He came across a bit scattered, losing his train of thought and looking down.  And I thought, you know, it’s sad, but why is he giving a speech about this?  There are so many other things affecting our country.  It’s sad and news-worthy, but not worthy of a presidential speech.   It felt like he was taking advantage of the only thing in the news at the time or some kind of popular liberal sentiment against guns.  Did he give a speech when North Korea attacked South Korea?  That felt like a real national issue to me.

On the other hand, I read in my AARP news that there are only four states in the black in the nation–all others are basically up to their gills in debt.  They are North Dakota, Montana, Arkansas, and…..hello! Alaska!    I tell you, Obama writes better than Sarah Palin, he’s a much deeper thinker.  His books were profound and worth reading.  Sarah Palin’s voice drives me nuts.  But….her state is in the black.  And I think she gets a hell of a lot of credit for that.

But this isn’t an endorsement of Sarah Palin.  This is a sad announcement of my conclusion that Barak Obama isn’t a good leader.   He’s not in the right place to use his incredible talent.   That doesn’t mean he’s a terrible person.  I have talents, but leadership isn’t among them.   Frankly, Michelle would make a better leader, in my opinion.  I find myself longing for Hillary!

So I won’t be voting for him if he runs again–and I hope he doesn’t.  Because there are Democrats who would make wonderful presidents.  And Republicans.   I hope we get the opportunity to vote for a minority again.   But we Americans made a mistake when we made Obama our president.  Presidents need courage, backbone, strength, to go with charisma and intelligence.   And my conclusion is that although Sarah Palin has a teenybopper voice and blew her Katie Couric interview, she would make a million times better president than Obama.  Guess that’s kind of an endorsement.  Very well then, I contradict myself.