Last week our ward had our annual pinewood derby. 14 boys in our pack and 2 of them are mine. Next year I will have three cub scouts.

My kids were excited. We worked hard on the cars getting them shaped, sanded, and painted. I spent a couple of hours getting the cars wheels properly aligned, lubricated with graphite, and the cars to the proper 5 ounce weight. It all seemed good. However in my mind I realized that our cars have never been that great and we probably would finish poorly again this year.

I warned the kids at dinner that Daddy was not that great with tools and mechanics and not to expect great things as far as victories were concerned.

Boy was I right about that. We took 14th and 10th out of 14 boys. My kids were upset and after the race we decided that Grandpa would be assisting the balancing of the wheels next year.