As a member of Al-Anon, a 12 step group for people with relatives and/or friends who are addicts, I’ve learned about turning my problems, indeed, my life and will over to the Lord. Of course we learn this in church, but I believe that these 12 step groups teach people how to actually DO it.

I try to meditate and pray every day and part of that process involves our daily meditation books which are just chock full of wisdom. Today I read this from

    One Day at A Time in Al-Anon

: “When I am faced with something which it is beyond my power to perform, to decide, or to cope with, I will not struggle with it by myself. I will ask Him to show me what steps to take. This is prayer. Not to ask for anything but guidance.” And includes this quote from Thomas Merton “All true prayer somehow confesses our absolute dependence on God. It is a vital contact with Him. It is when we pray truly that we really are. From our prayers we receive light to apply. . .to our own problems and difficulties.”

I have found this to be true in my own life. Sometimes I pray for release from my problems but without surrender. Even though I’m in the depths, my prayers are somehow half-hearted. Those days when I truly acknowledge my own powerlessness and surrender to the Lord, fully accepting His will in my life become miraculous, sometimes in large ways and sometimes in small ways.

We Mormons spin our wheels a lot, trying to answer our own prayers and work out our own salvation, heavy on the work. I talk so much about grace and works here on the blog. Which is more important. I vote grace.