Well, Sarah and Brad are being sealed February 5 (Yay!! The baby will be born in the covenant!). They’ve been married almost two years and truly, they’re perfect for each other. They complete each other. She’s level-headed where he’s not; he’s level-headed where she’s not. He calms her down. He doesn’t put up with anything and neither does she. That might sound kind of stupid to say–they’re both strong, let’s say. And I think this is cool–Sarah comes first with him. What I mean is he doesn’t come to our house and suck up to us and hope for our approval. Hers is all he needs. So, even though he says he’s scared of his wife (what self-respecting man isn’t), she’s his main focus. They truly are each other’s best friend and she’s happier than she’s ever been. Knock on wood, you never know, but it seems so right.

It took quite awhile for her sealing to Nick (who has remarried to a nice girl and has the cutest little baby girl) to be cancelled, but finally we’re down to the wire.

Brad has a large active family—four sisters! And he’s in the middle! How perfect is that? They all have recommends. He has aunts and uncles and cousins who will all be invited to the sealing–and many will come. They love kids, Brad especially. He’s over the moon about this baby. I think we make it fun for him because we’re so delighted, too. We listened to the heartbeat and cried. Each little change in Sarah is fascinating to us.

Sarah has us. My sister and my niece will come. That’s all, folks. But my neighbors of 35 years are like family, so we’ll be inviting them to come. Sarah’s young women leaders. I think some will come. I’ve gone to things like that as well. I have an old friend who lives in St. George and I asked her as well. She responded with “we don’t want to intrude on such a great family occasion.” All kids were married in the temple and she and her husband both have large active families.

So I thought maybe it’s weird to invite people who are not family sealings. Bad manners? Emphasizing being sealed after being married? I have a feeling there’s something insulting about my asking but I’m not sure.

What do you think?