If your son or daughter reported to you that their (early morning volunteer) Seminary teacher told kids that they would be going to hell for conduct x, y, or z, what would you do?

I would probably talk to my kids about it (mostly dismissing it and trying to maintain a balance between using our own heads and hearts to judge if something is true and respecting someone who may or may not have said something they probably shouldn’t have).  I would not broach the subject with the teacher, other parents of kids in the class, or the Bishop.  In a lay church, we are bound to have some loose cannons out there, and at 6 am, when trading your sleep for time teaching religion to sometimes obstinate youth, almost anyone could say something stupid.  And frankly, sometimes kids interpret conversations in a more dramatic fashion than they actually happened or plain misunderstand what was said.  Unless I was confident that false doctrine was being taught, I would reserve my interference for my own household.

But that’s just me–what would you do?