My Home Teacher called last week to let me know he was dumping me.

I understand. He and his wife had been assigned to my family because we are now perceived as a “high needs” family who needed the stabilizing force of a High Priest and his wife to help us function. That’s kind of ridiculous to me, considering what we (I) had done on our (my)own during the several years no one home or visit taught us (quick recap: husband bailed, had 3rd baby, bought fixer-upper house, moved [about a mile–within same ward], fixed up [ongoing], etc.). Still, I felt badly when the High Priests Group leader cried in my living room, having shown up to visit my inactive spouse who left the family two years ago. He had not known that I was alone and communicated to me that I really needed to be graduated from the Elder’s Quorum home-teaching league to the “really useful” High Priests League.

Fine. Whatever.

I am happy to have home teachers, but laughed when I was assigned to an elderly and somewhat immobile and entirely curmudgeonly couple (we get along well). Are they sincerely more “useful” than the Elder’s Quorum? They really tried to visit us, but once the snow hit, they really can’t get around much. So they dumped me because they felt badly that they couldn’t actually visit.

That phone call, along with some internet discussion about all the older ladies who can’t or won’t serve in Primary and Young Women’s makes me wonder how depressing it is going to be to age out of usefulness in the Church. I freely admit: I have a hard time attending Church if I don’t feel useful. I shouldn’t–I should attend Church to commune with God, of course, but I really like something to do. What will become of me when I am deemed too old to get on the floor with the nursery kids and get out to night-time meetings and am WAY too old to have a hope of communicating with the youth? It seems like such a waste of experience to retire people from serious callings.

What have you seen in your wards? Is your leadership primarily under 60? Mine is entirely in their 30s and 40s. They’re great, but it seems that we are wasting something significant in human resources.