My wife and I are Nursery leaders in our Ward. It is always very interesting the different approaches that parents who have new kids or are visiting take with us. There seem to be four major types of parents:

First, the “Dump and Run” – Some just dump the kid and run (does not usually matter if they cry or not) – we have to ask as quickly as possible what the kids name is before the parent disappears. These are worrisome as we usually have a hard time finding them if the kid has a parental need (e.g., diaper change, etc.).

Second, the “the Psycho testers” – These parents will ask a few get to know you questions as well as give a brief intro to their child. They want to be sure their child will be taken care of and that the teachers are not insane. If you pass the bar, the kid stays, and the parents let you know where they will be if needed which is very helpful.

Third, the “PPIers” – These parents ask so many questions that it takes 15 minutes of time while the rest of the kids in the Nursery go berserk as the leaders are being questioned. They usually hang at the door while asking the barrage of questions to be sure you are a “good” teacher.

Fourth, the “Kling-ons” – These parents just come in for the first week or two to insure that their kid has a good transition into Nursery. They are usually helpful with other kids and nice to have in the class. Sometimes they may come for so many weeks that you just call them as an assistant.

There may be other types, but these are what I have observed so far. It does amaze me how many people are fine just sending their child into a classroom without knowing much about the teacher. Perhaps it is an institutional trust members have…