Recently my wife and I have been blessed to have a friend of ours independently express serious interest in joining the LDS Church and already start to socially integrate herself with ward members.  She claims that God is pointing her in the LDS Church’s direction thru personal revelation.  We have been teaching her the gospel on our own and based on my mission exp she is a golden convert.

How and when should we formally involve the Elders and the local mission? I have some reservations about just turning her over to the elders.  Basically I am a firm believer that only about 20% of the Elders and perhaps 75% of the Sisters are really capable of good teaching.  Our current elders are socially awkward and I am not comfortable with them teaching her.  I think she will of course at some point need to be taught by the elders but I think that they need really close supervision in their contacts with her.

 In addition I know that she will need a MP interview to actually get baptized and I am not totally comfortable with the idea of a 20 year old interviewing her.  So I turn to the collective wisdom of the bloggernacle.What would you do?