TLC, king of quality programming, had this show on last week called Outrageous Kid Parties. The premier episode features a family preparing to celebrate their 6-year-old’s birthday in style. Apparently, the party cost $32,000. Yikes. The behavior from the birthday girl is exactly what you would expect, along with the indulgent mother and gob-smacked father, who never quite knows what is being planned nor how much is being spent.

This is the kind of crazy party we might expect from famous or fabulously wealthy people–probably people who live on the coasts, right?


Within 1.5 sentences of narration, I had this mom pegged as a Utahn or a Mormon (it’s the accent). A little further research shows that they do live in Layton, although I cannot speak for their religion. Still, they had enough friends and family in a fairly Mormon community who did not think this party was an outrageously bad enough idea not to attend. Outrageous is not the word I would have selected; I would have gone with obscene.