Orsen Scott Card has a great article today in Mormon Times.


In the article Card mostly writes about the “smart kids” who are uncool because of the societal biases against smart nerdy type kids. I fully agree with Card on these types of kids.

There is however another type of uncool kid. These would be kids who are simply unpopular for a variety of reasons. Whether it be looks, style, lack of $$, or social skills.

There are probably more of the second type then the type that Card writes about at least in my exp. These kids really struggle with their peers and shockingly they also tend to struggle with adult church leaders as well. Adult leaders seem to be drawn to the more popular kids and form better relationships with the cool kids then the uncool kids. Its sad but its true. There is something in our social nature as human beings that attracts even well intending adult leaders to the cool kids. I have seen it lots over the last 15 years and am guilty of it like all the other adult leaders.

So a couple of questions.

1. Are my observations about leaders paying more attention the the “cool kids” accurate?

2. Why does this occur?

3. What can be done about this?

Please note.  This thread is not about homosexuality.